Channeling the Old Man - 56 Years Later

Being an inventor isn't glamorous unless your invention becomes wildly successful.  At the moment you're actually doing the inventing there is a lot of mixed emotions.  This is great!  This will change everything!  Wait, will this work?  Will anyone care?  Will anyone buy it?

Really, inventing has a lot of the same emotions as starting a business.  There are many moments when an inventor can give up on a path...just like there are many moments when an entrepreneur can make decisions that make or break.

When I heard that Florian had shut down, I knew it should be saved.  But it took 4 years of waiting for legal issues to be resolved...and then the questions.  Will people remember this great product?  Will they buy it?  What will it cost to start making it again?  In reaching into such a tangled patch of thorns (excuse the gardening analogy) I knew I was going back deep into the inventor's angst...I needed to channel the original founder's uncertainty and hope and worry and indefatigability to get this product back to market, knowing that since it was a good idea the first time, if done right it would be a good idea this time too.