Ratcheting Pruner Reviews


"I love my Felco pruners which are truly fine Swiss made tools but I got these [Florian Pruners] for my partner who has pretty bad arthritis in her hands and she absolutely adores them. It was a riot seeing her running around the garden pruning away at things she could've never cut before, pretty cute. The ratcheting feature really does work, I was able to cut 5/8 inch thick medium hardness branches with no trouble whatsoever."

"The one advantage of the bright yellow tool is that it easy to find in the landscape when I inevitably leave it lying on the ground will in the garden. Plus, the ratchet action cuts through thick branches with relative ease."

"I have cut items that are pretty thick and nothing seems to reduce the products effectiveness. Another great aspect is the non-stick coating they have put on the blade which has not clogged unlike a pair of Felco's that I previously owned. Highly recommended for everyday pruning and anything 3/4" and lower. If you are looking for a tool that can take abuse and doesn't need constant upkeep then this is your product. If you like heavy tools that look like they could last a lifetime but require a lot of care, buy the Felco's. I personally like these better because I'm lazy and can just start cutting with no strain, prep, or oiling; all the tool needs is a quick wipe of the blades after you complete your gardening. Finally, these are one of the last pruners on the market that are made in the USA! Support your country and refuse to buy outsourced products."

The Limited Edition American Flag Version circa 2015

"The first thing I noticed was how light weight these pruners were. They cut nicely through reasonable sized branches and they don't have the annoying trait of bypass units to spring the jaws instead of cutting. More importantly, there are no points which will pinch the hand. The design is well thought out to provide easy handling by a small hand and power, through the leverage, to cut substantial branches. I have ordered a second one as my wife has claimed the first one for herself. My arthritic hands appreciate the smooth, easy operation. They are not a replacement for large two-handed loppers but that is not what they were designed for. The bright yellow color makes them easy to see when set down and the light weight means they are nearby when needed. As usual, good North American manufacture costs a little more but it provides the quality that is so often missing in off-shore products. Thanks, Florian, I will be back for more of your products."

"I do lots of pruning around my place and in the fall and early winter, I divide my dahlia tubers. At 65 years old, this cutting can really takes its tole on my hand muscles and make my arthritis act up but this tool lets me get the jobs done with as little effort and pain as possible. That ratchet mechanism is what does the trick because it really cuts some tough branches and stalks with very little effort on my part."

"The product was exactly what I wanted. I had my first two Florian Ratchet Pruners for over 10 years, then lost them both this summer. Immediately ordered two more. Can't imagine working around my big yard without them! Product was delivered very promptly, as always. I would add, that these two small hand pruners can cut limbs of up to 1/2" and they were both still working when I lost them in the woods/yard at different times. I did not even consider ordering a different brand to replace them. I also have two of the ratcheting BIG pruners from Florian and feel the same way about them. We heat with wood and they have made life much easier for us in our woods."

I have been using the Florian 701 pruner for over 15 years now. I have always purchased it at the Puyallup State Fair as it wasn't sold anywhere else. I got one every year. Now I have found that I can purchase it through AMAZON.  This is the greatest tool I have ever used. I use it way beyond it's capabilities and it never lets me down. Out in our yard and garden this tool is the only one I need to use. I am able to cut a 1-1/2 inch limb with it (with a little effort) time and time again and it just won't give up.