America's Favorite Made in the USA Garden Pruner is Back!!!

My name is Brandon Wilson.  26 years ago I was running a community beautification non-profit organization in Chicago.  Stella Florian was kind enough to donate a couple of pairs of Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruners to my organization.  It was love at first ratchet!  I couldn't believe how powerful something so featherlight could be!

In 2009 when I started Honeyman Seed in Illinois, I immediately signed up as Florian dealer.  What's not to like?  Made in the USA...punches above its weight...attractive - and Florian has a loyal following. The years have gone on and both my businesses and the American Standard Company, maker of the Florian tools -- struggled in this world that is so dominated by Big Box Stores, Chinese manufacturing and Amazon.  Indeed, Florian products were even off of the market for a few years.  But all was not lost.  There is still demand for quality American Made products.  These knock offs cannot win the day.

I am proud to say that the Illinois Supply Company has recently completed the move of Florian Tools' inventory, tooling, metal and assets to our New Lenox manufacuring facility.  We are re-launching the famous hand pruner first, and will carefully plan the manufacturing of other tools over time. We are elated to bring this brand back - and we are committed to making it in the USA!    If you were disappointed during these years when the Florian products were not available, please make up for lost time by buying them as gifts for your friends, by giving positive reviews and by posting to social media.  Help us build a new foundation and a new following among the young gardeners that are just coming into the hobby! Thank you for your loyalty to Florian Tools.

Brandon Wilson, President
Illinois Supply  Company