The History Behind The Florian Brand Name

The Florian Photo Studio

To understand a figure in history, it helps to have context.  The Florian brand didn't start with the Ratchet-Cut Pruner, it started with the inventive spirit of a resident of Plantsville Connecticut.  

In 1903, Plantsville resident Julian Florian invented a formula for developing photographs without a negative or glass plate, according to historical archives.

Four years later, having established the Photo Machinery Co. in Southington, he began incorporating the concept into photo booths, and installed them at amusement parks, including Lake Compounce.

“The Florian Studio’s booth was an immediate success, delivering high-quality photos, cheaply and instantly,” archives state.

The formula was purchased by Eastman Kodak in 1929 but the Photo Machinery Co. continued to manufacture the machines in town until the 1940s.

As family history tells it, Julian Florian was later employed by Thomas Edison as one of his storied staff of behind-the-scenes inventors that made his highly public fame possible.

Like Father, Like Son

And the concept of the Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruner was born.

In the coming weeks we will be showing some photos of the early protypes of the Florian products so you can see how the products we know and love today evolved.