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15 x 24 ACM Fence Art

A few years back I bought all of my favorite gardening posters off of Ebay and a local "Etsy chick" mounted them for me on barnwood backing. We all loved them - but when I got the brilliant idea to hang them on my fence outside, they were quickly destroyed by the rain and exposure. That's when I got the idea to make these classic prints with the materials that outdoor signage are made of, laminated decal vinyl on ACM.

Product Features:

  • ACM is a durable, rigid material that combines a lightweight aluminum laminate over an acrylic core
  • Holes for hanging on all four corners
  • It is recommended that you store the prints indoors during long snowy winters, to minimize wear and tear and maximize years of enjoyment
  • Feel free to suggest other prints or sizes, this is a new product line.

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Sow the Seeds of Victory Every Garden a Munition Plant
Bulbs and Seeds 1922 D.M. Ferry Detroit Michigan
Standard Seeds Are Always Good None Better
Autumn 1902 Bulbs and Seeds D.M. Ferry Detroit Michigan
Plant a Garden for Victory WW2 Vintage Print