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California Giant Zinnia Seeds

Zinnias were first introduced in the United States by the Landreth Seed Company. Native to Mexico, these gorgeous, low maintenance flowers bloom for months and epitomize the image of a classic American garden.

Product Features:

  • Our seed packets are very generous in terms of quantity, save them indoors and you may get multiple years out of your seed
  • Please note we are a seed saving club, not a seed retailer, so we do not publish expiration dates on seed

SKU Details

California Giant Zinnia Packet A Generous Packet

Zinnia - California Giant - Jar Zinnia - California Giant - Seed Saving Jar. Nearly an Ounce of Seed.

California Giant Zinnia Jar and Permanent Seed Label Zinnia - California Giant - Seed Saving Jar of seed with a powder coated metal seed label so you can mark your row