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The Gardener's Hollow Leg

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is an innovative gathering or harvesting bag with a waist strap (belt) that comes in handy when working in the flower garden, veggie patch, landscape, or around the house. The Gardener’s Hollow Leg comes in two sizes. The larger version will hold 5 gallons of pesky weeds, small prunings, or deadheading debris and can also be used to harvest fruits or vegetables. The Junior one-gallon version is an ideal way to get your children to help you weed the garden! And it can be used to harvest small fruits. Adults can also use it for harvesting nuts or berries, for mushroom foraging, or for gathering eggs from your flock of chickens.

Product Features:

  • Length: 21 inches deep
  • Top Ring Opening: 9 inches in diameter
  • Color Options: Celery Green, Hunter Green (shown) and Sky Blue
  • Belt: 30-52 inches

SKU Details

Gardeners Hollow Leg Green

Gardeners Hollow Leg Jr. Yellow