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DeWit Trowel - Flat Nose

DeWit Flat Nose Trowel is one of a kind! Hand-forged from recycled steel with a weight of 2.2 lbs, it is indestructible. Straight cutting edge is very sharp, making it quick and easy to dig holes when planting. Made in Holland by the DeWit company, this one piece design is reminiscent of old-world craftmanship. Guaranteed a lifetime. On April 1, 1898, Willem DeWit started his blacksmith company in a small village in northern Holland. Today, the 4th generation of the forging family is running the company. Years of experience and skilled workmanship combine with latest equipment and techniques, DeWit is one of the most respected garden tool manufacturers in the world. DeWit tools are made from high quality Swedish Boron Steel. The Ash hardwood handles come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests. Tierra Garden is proud to offer these superior tools in the United States!

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31-7812 DeWit Trowel - Flat Nose